Inspired by the bright lights of New York City and the little blue box from Tiffany’s, Snowflakes, Palm trees and Pretzels blog was born. With a growing love for all things travel Kim completed a degree in Travel and Tourism business management and is currently studying for a Diploma in freelance Travel journalism.


“I love discovering new places but I also enjoy returning to my long- time favourite destinations. I’m from Melbourne, Victoria so I love exploring where I live and the rest of Australia with my real passion being for overseas destinations. While most people wait until retirement to see the world I like to show others how and why it’s possible to do it now through sharing my travel experiences.


Travel is a complete experience for me from planning, researching, the journey getting there, the food and the people you meet along the way. I’m a foodie at heart so this plays a crucial role when travelling. As a mother of two young boys I also really enjoy showing them the world. Our family holidays are full of fun, discovery, culture and adventure”.


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